Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling, or BIM for short, is an approach to construction project planning and management involving the use of a centralized, comprehensive 3D model for use in visualization and design throughout the course of the project. A BIM model starts as a 3D rendering of a completed building, and over time becomes a composite of design models reflecting the contribution of every individual construction team to the project. Not only is BIM an excellent way to maintain design consistency across multiple teams, it also helps to root out inefficiencies and design conflicts early into the project.

As a more modern alternative to traditional pencil-and-paper design documents, BIM offers a long list of valuable advantages for construction projects of any scale:

  • Source control; by implementing a comprehensive, standardized building model for every team on a project, BIM helps to alleviate miscommunication between departments whenever a change is made to the building design.
  • Comprehensive visualization; by integrating multiple design subsets into a complete model, project managers can quickly identify conflicts before construction begins.
  • Building simulation; unlike a traditional approach to design documentation, BIM is a simulation of the entire construction process.

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