Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

Glass fiber reinforced concrete is an engineered material composed of traditional cement, polymers, and alkali-resistant glass fibers; GFRC is used in both structural and ornamental applications. Because GFRC is often mixed with less water than traditional concrete, alongside a heavy addition of AR glass fibers and acrylic polymer, GFRC is significantly stronger and more flexible than traditional alternatives. Overall, GFRC is a lightweight, flexible, stronger alternative to traditional concrete.

GFRC offers a significant advantage over traditional concrete in many ways, and is generally considered to be a superior alternative for design and ornamental purposes.

  • GFRC is significantly more environmentally friendly than traditional concrete, making use of recycled materials and requiring less cement
  • GFRC is naturally flame-resistant, and can act as a thermal regulator, protecting materials around it from heat
  • Amazingly light but also very durable, GFRC is less costly to transport and build with then standard concrete
  • GFRC is highly resistant to cracking, and has a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • The presence of glass fiber in GFRC makes it highly resistant to environmental wear and corrosion
  • Incredibly flexible, GFRC can be cast into almost any shape desired, and has the load-bearing capacity to remain practical
  • GFRC is internally reinforced, and doesn’t require extra reinforcement
  • Although GFRC is more expensive than traditional concrete, it’s significantly more durable and can fill the same load-bearing role at a fraction of the size of a normal cast of concrete

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