When it comes to project complexity, few industries can match the intricacies of commercial construction; with dozens of different teams rushing to complete their appointed tasks, a job site can quickly descend into chaos, endangering both workers and deadlines. As tightly packed as most project schedules are, it can be very difficult to balance safety, quality, and efficiency, particularly when multiple contractors are involved; luckily, the team at RNB is here to help with our prefabrication services.

The RNB Construction approach to prefabrication combines highly detailed design documents and efficient, time-tested in-factory processes in order to fabricate high-quality modular construction components in a cost and time-efficient manner. Below are a few of the benefits that RNB prefabrication offers:

  • Take advantage of significantly shorter construction times as a direct result of prefabrication; dedicate more time to other facets of your project while our prefabrication experts assemble modular construction components off-site.
  • Enjoy greater consistency in build quality due to the controlled factory environment that prefabricated components are assembled in. Fewer interruptions during the construction process means a better final product compared to what you might get from on-site work.
  • Rest assured knowing that prefabrication is much safer for workers compared to on-site construction. It has been proven that organized, controlled work in a factory is significantly less hazardous to workers than on-site construction.
  • Minimize site disruption with off-site prefabrication; fewer teams working in the same place at once means fewer potential accidents and an environment more conducive to concentration.
  • Benefit from a more sustainable, eco-friendly project with prefabrication; because our prefabrication factories can recycle waste material on-site and complete work more efficiently, prefabrication is significantly more green than traditional building.

When it comes to prefabrication, our goal is to provide you with a result that exceeds your expectations while also moving ahead of schedule to minimize the naturally chaotic nature of a job site. We put enormous emphasis on the planning phase of any work that we take on, and prefabrication is no exception; our prefabrication process starts with a set of comprehensive design documents that take into account every facet of your modular components. The result of this focus is a noticeable improvement in build quality without affecting the budget or sacrificing the efficiency of the build.

At RNB Construction, we’ve helped turn building projects into success stories for over five years. Our experience ranges from small-scale residential building to high-end commercial construction, and we have the portfolio to prove it. Our main office is headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia, but we provide prefabrication services to over 20 states across the nation. In addition to our prefabrication offerings, we also offer solutions for every facet of construction imaginable, including preconstruction cost estimation and budget planning, interior and exterior work, and custom specialty work. If you’re interested in reducing project costs, increasing time efficiency, and boosting the quality of your finished product, then RNB Construction is here to help; to request a free quote or to schedule a consultation, give us a call at (770) 776-6989, email us at [email protected], or fill out our contact form.