Rainscreen Systems

A rainscreen system is a set of layered walls composed of a variety of different cladding materials; the goal of a rainscreen system is to prevent water from reaching structurally important parts of a building. Rainscreen systems take advantage of the relative predictability of wind force and gravity to do their job, and are engineered to stand up to water-based wear. In recent years, rainscreen producers have made great strides in creating aesthetically pleasing systems that are both practical and desirable for use in exterior construction.

Rainscreens harness the predictable nature of water to perform their function; rain is first caught by an outer cladding, which deprives it of any forward momentum. Once the water has been slowed down, any rain that made it through the outer cladding is left to drain harmlessly down the side of the cladding back out of the building. An inner layer of insulation is included in rainscreen systems to ensure that any water that happens to stray past the outer cladding can never make contact with structural components of the building, like an exterior load-bearing wall. A rainscreen system from RNB Construction offers all of the following benefits:

  • Passive moisture protection provided by a semi-porous outer barrier that stops most water before it ever comes close to the structure.
  • Active moisture disposal through the use of a drainage channel between the outer cladding and exterior wall ensures that water never becomes trapped in the system.
  • A nearly endless list of design options to maintain the desired look and feel of the building for years after the rainscreen has been installed.
  • Durable, modern materials ensure that your rainscreen system will continue to function for decades to come.

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