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RNB Construction, Inc. is an experienced contracting firm located in downtown Lawrenceville, GA with a solid background of high-quality work ranging from residential construction to high-demand commercial projects.

RNB Construction provides construction services to a multitude of clients including home-owners, general contractors, developers, and architects.

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If you’re doing any kind of construction work, then the best way to protect your project for the long haul is an Exterior Insulation and Finish System.
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Whether it’s commercial or residential development, nothing can match the durability and aesthetic appeal of stone.
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An inexpensive, sturdy, and beautiful finish for buildings big and small, stucco lends itself well to any construction project.
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Our waterproofing teams are the best in the nation, and have a track record of excellence in all types of development.
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Our painting teams are detail-oriented, reliable, and thorough, and complete projects in a timely manner every time.
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Waterproof your project the right way, the first time with the help of one of our professional caulking teams.
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Preconstruction Services

Our preconstruction services include everything that a project needs to be as successful and efficient as possible.
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Our prefabrication services offer increased consistency in build quality and significantly speed up construction.
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Finish Carpentry

Whether you’re building a tool shed or a block of condominiums, every great construction project involves finish carpentry.
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Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

GFRC is a lightweight, flexible, stronger alternative to traditional concrete.
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Rainscreen Systems

Rainscreen systems take advantage of the relative predictability of wind force and gravity to do their job, and are engineered to stand up to water-based wear.
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Water Features

Our water feature design and fabrication division has over a decade of experience bringing project across the nation to life with a custom-crafted fountain, water wall, or specialty feature.
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Acoustical Services

The RNB acoustical services division specializes in cancelling unwanted noise and amplifying desired sounds within an interior space while also preserving the aesthetic appeal of the room.
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Firestopping involves a combination of active and passive measures that are intended to help to prevent a fire, and to contain a fire should one occur.
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Insulation Services

Our three main focuses are thermal insulation, mechanical insulation, and acoustic insulation, all of which are important to a large variety of commercial construction projects.
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Specialty Ceilings

In addition to ceilings engineered to satisfy particular aesthetic demands, we also specialize in purpose-built ceiling for acoustic or security construction project needs.
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Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling, or BIM for short, is an approach to construction project planning and management involving the use of a centralized, comprehensive 3D model for use in visualization and design throughout the course of the project.
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Interior Theming

In construction, interior theming is generally a collection of separate construction services combined into a single package with a particular design goal in mind; interior theming can be practical, aesthetic, or a combination of the two.
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